Tianjin Port set record for receiving and unloading large parts of Airbus on a single voyage

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稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2021-11-28 08:13

On September 14, with the smooth unloading and loading of 9 major components of Airbus A320 aircrafts such as the fuselage and tail fins at the Pacific International Terminal, Tianjin Port Group successfully set a new record for the largest number of major components of Airbus aircraft received and unloaded in a single voyage. It opens a new chapter in the receiving and unloading of Airbus's major components to "more quantity, faster speed, higher quality, and better service".

Ensuring "safety", "efficiency" and "zero defects"

Lifting, lowering, rotating, and loading boxes...Nowadays, if Tianjin Port Group needs to smoothly and consistently complete this set of Airbus large parts unloading operations, it only takes 9.3 minutes on average per piece. Since the start of unloading, it has changed from being limited to daytime operations to achieving 24-hour unloading; the unloading time has been reduced from 3 hours per flight to 40 minutes; the frequency of receiving and unloading has increased from the initial 4 sorties per year to 5 sorties per month; from 2-cabin transport to 3-cabin transport...After the experience and test of 556 Airbus aircrafts, it has experienced changes and improvements of ship large-scale and terminal operating environment, technology, spreaders and other related operating conditions. "Safety", "High Efficiency" and "Zero Defects" have always been the consistent operating standards and service commitments of Tianjin Port Group for receiving and unloading large parts of Airbus.

Putting wings on Tianjin's "Blue Sky Economy"

In every large part unloading operation of Airbus, Tianjin Port Group always adheres to the principle of quality first and strives to provide customers with first-class services. In particular, the in-depth promotion of "integrated" party building makes Party members focus on key projects and important links, take the lead and demonstrate first, and take the lead in participating in program discussion, process improvement, plan formulation, production organization, ship unloading operations, on-site monitoring and other operations to ensure efficient "zero defect" connection and unloading. After completion of the work, they continued to accumulate and summarize work experience, continue to optimize the work process, improve the operating procedures, strengthen safety management and control, and gradually form an industry-leading work model and work brand. They have been highly praised by customers and have contributed to Tianjin’s "Blue Sky Economy" on the wings.

According to reports, while forging the quality of its own operations, Tianjin Port Group has also witnessed and participated in the vigorous development of Tianjin's aerospace industry. Tianjin Port Group will continue to promote high-quality development of the aerospace industry chain with practical actions, further deepen China-Europe aviation industry cooperation for Tianjin, give full play to the leading role of Airbus Tianjin, and build a higher level, larger scale and more complete large aircraft industrial system with contribution of Tianjin Port.